Stolen Laptop? Absolute Software can protect you.

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 LoJack for Laptops Premium

When your computer crashes, the first thing you immediately think of is the last time you backed up – right? What would you do if your laptop were stolen? You not only would be concerned for your data, but the computer too, and the way someone might use your data against you, or for their benefit. It is a real problem, and one that needs addressing. There are solutions from Absolute Software that can protect your laptop and handheld devices. They are the leader in computer theft recovery.

Absolute Software is a leading provider of software solutions for managing and securing mobile devices and computers. They also specialize in data protection, and IT asset management. After all, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team is a licensed private investigation agency. Check out this video to see how they remotely delete data on a stolen machine.

You are no exception to theft, and if you have family members or employees you should look into protecting your devices. LoJack for Laptops Premium starts at $59.99 and is available at Best Buy stores and direct online from Absolute Software.

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