Share Videos Instantly (and Easily) with muvee Pixie

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 muvee Pixie

Making video editing easier than ever, muvee Pixie is new software created with the netbook user in mind. Featuring a mini interface for smaller netbook screens, muvee Pixie lets you create videos in three steps; upload your photos and videos, select a style, then choose music from your iTunes collection (or any other music file on your computer). muvee Pixie then mashes them up to create a video synced to the beat of the music.

muvee Pixie has a brand new interface developed to make video-making fast and easy. In just a click, you can instantly upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, as well as your iPod, iPhone or blog. Features include instant full-screen preview and music trimming, which lets you to use the entire track, or just the guitar solo.

The netbook friendly mini interface displays on smaller netbook screens without the hassle of scrolling up, down and sideways. On larger screens, muvee Pixie stretches
out, giving you more workspace. Graphics performance and power management are also fine tuned for netbook users.

muvee Pixie comes pre-installed with four styles. Each muvee style is a
themed library of effects and transitions that give your video a professional look. Additional styles are available

muvee Pixie is now available for the PC for $29.95. For more information and a 15-day free trial, visit

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