Personalized Videos for iPad Viewing is as Easy as 1-2-3

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If you’re one of the millions who has told Santa you’ve been very, very good all year and can’t wait for Christmas morning to see if he left one for you under the tree, all we can say is…good luck.

If you’re one who didn’t want to take any chances, you already got yours and are leading the parade.

Moving smoothly, effortlessly through your photo files is a blast with the iPad. Watching movies, TV shows and online videos is even more fun. Some iPad owners have found that if they want to quickly create their own movie, complete with music and/or voiceovers, the finished video isn’t supported on the iPad.

There’s nothing wrong with your iPad, it’s just that videos produced by some video editing applications won’t play on today’s popular electronic tablets. To enable the widest possible viewing opportunities, muvee recently added iPad HD playback support to its automated Windows-based video editing software, Reveal.

The highly advanced, easy-to-use software takes your existing video, photos, and music, and automatically creates beautiful, high-definition videos (assuming it was shot in HD) complete with transitions, coordinated music background and special effects that can then be exported directly to your iPad.

Even if the original video didn’t seem to work on the iPad, once you upload it to muvee Reveal and use the program’s new “save to iPad” option (a free upgrade for existing Reveal 8 users)
you’ll get flawless playback on your iPad.

If you’re thinking of surprising someone special by giving them an iPad this holiday, you can really surprise them by creating a personalized video greeting card with muvee Reveal.

While this is a hectic time of year, the video editing takes virtually no time at all because the software automatically does all the work for you based on your guidelines. The entire editing process can be completed in less than 15 minutes and your personal video card will be ready to load on the iPad for an extra special surprise.

Not happy with the first video edit? You can also go in and make your own video edits and preview it until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the results.

When that special someone opens the gift, they will already have a personalized iPad video that they can watch – and keep it for years!

This unforgettable personalized gift takes only minutes to make.

If you’d like to “test drive” muvee Reveal visit and you can download the free trial version.

Load your special photos, video, and music into the automated software and choose a style theme… then, let it do its magic!

When the movie is complete and you’re satisfied with the finished product, you will see a number of different video saving options.

 muvee Reveal screenshot

Follow the simple steps and save the video to your iPad gift. It’s really that easy!

Surprise that special someone this Christmas.

And you’ll probably want to consider using it all the time to produce personal and creative movies for friends and family all year long.

Taking photos and shooting video isn’t limited anymore to planned times when everything is just right and you have your camera. Simply grab your smartphone and take the impulse photos/videos that will soon become special moments/memories.

Now your digital memorabilia isn’t limited to the small smartphone screen. Whether it’s your personal videos or movies others send you, watching special moment family/home movies is fun for everyone.

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