eStarling Makes Sharing Memories Easy with ImpactV

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 eStarling ImpactV Why do we take so many pictures? Because we don’t have a video camera, right? eStarling now has a WiFi digital picture frame that supports video! Yes, you might say, “Why, that’s a television!” Well … not really. You can shoot a video with your cell phone, and immediately upload that video to the eStarling ImpactV for your friends or family to share the memory. This company has even developed an iPhone App that enables your iPhone to easily upload content to the ImpactV.

The quality of the video and pictures on the frame is great. You can even send YouTube videos, movie trailers, news clips, music videos, etc. Any video with a maximum of four (4) minutes in length can be sent to this device. I am sure your creative minds can find a way to integrate this into your life. Here is the link to the company site, The MSRP for the 8-inch ImpactV is $199.

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