Adobe’s Muse Web Creation Software Gets Update

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 Adobe Muse logo

Just last month we told you about Adobe’s new web creation software called Muse (code name), which is currently in beta. Adobe has responded to user feedback and just released a major update – Muse Beta 3. For a quick recap, Muse allows graphic designers to create and publish professional HTML websites without the hassle of writing code or working within restrictive templates. Muse Beta 3 adds in over 40 new enhancements including improvements to how Muse generates code to reduce load performance and data usage of websites.

You can check out the full list of fixes and code improvements on the Muse website at

Designers who are already using Muse will be prompted to install the Beta 3 update next time they open the application. Once Beta 3 is installed designers can apply the code improvements to any websites that have been published with Muse, by simply republishing the site.
For new users interested in downloading Beta 3 or viewing a gallery of Muse-created websites and instructional tutorials visit

“Muse has generated an enthusiastic response from the design community over the past several weeks, resulting in more than 260,000 beta downloads to date,” said Lea Hickman, vice president of Design and Web product management at Adobe. “By getting this update in the hands of users and listening to feedback from the design and web communities, we can continue to improve the qualities and capabilities of the product.”

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