Feedn’ Chloe Ain’t Yer Average Redneck Video Game

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ARUSH Entertainment, Internet publisher of Webisodic video games, today announced the availability of its newest title, Feedn’ Chloe(TM). A humorous, politically incorrect redneck hunting parody, the M-rated Feedn’ Chloe features locales such as Perdy Cistern, AL and redneck weaponry like hubcaps and a potato cannon. Players take control of the redneck main character Ed, racing against the clock to bag enough squirrels, possum, deer, trash-talking bears, other rednecks and even aliens to feed his extremely large, trailer-filling wife Chloe. If Ed does not meet Chloe’s demanding quota of freshly killed food, she staves off her hunger by eating him.

“No matter which way you look at it, Feedn’ Chloe is a different type of game,” said Jim Perkins, president and CEO of ARUSH Entertainment. “From its Webisodic distribution model to its irreverent, tongue-in-cheek look at my family tree — I mean, redneck life, this game takes originality to a new level.”

“This game was a creative outlet for us,” said Anthony Campiti, president of Sunstorm Interactive. “Since we spend so much time focusing on hunting games, making Feedn’ Chloe let us poke fun at ourselves a bit — as well as at rednecks.”

Feedn’ Chloe is rated M (Mature) for graphic violence, strong language and mature sexual themes.

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